Song Title: Sorry 2 Myself


Sorry 2 Myself - Kendall Renee

V1: Hyped me up so high just to kick me down so low. Roller coaster all the time never knew where it would go. But here we, here we are & now I see it. Save it. Save your words, I don’t need it.

I had a lot of questions, no answers came from you. So I gave myself directions & got there quicker too.
You ain’t, you ain’t worth another minute. The only, only thing I should be hearing is

I’m sorry to myself. I loved you too much it was too bad for my health. Put you up high, put me down onto your shelf.
But I’m the one who set me up to lose.
So I don’t need apologies from you, I’m sorry to myself.

You said a lot of words, but none of them were true. But now I see the wolf in sheep’s clothing looks like you.
But I don’t, I don’t wanna play the victim. Cus’ loving, loving you was my decision. So


Do do, do do, do do
I’m sorry to my,
Do do do do do do,