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February 18-20, 2021 | DSE virtual Edition

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virtual song CONTEST WINNERS

Thanks so much to all who sent in songs via our virtual song submission contest. We received so many excellent songs, and it wasn't easy to choose the winners. There is clearly so much heart behind everyone's writing and we encourage you all to continue in your craft and keep pursuing excellence in your creations - that's what Durango is all about.

We are proud to announce the winners:


  • Ellee Duke - "Broken Crayons" (Category Winner)
  • Zoe Nygaard - "Weekends"
  • ROSIE - "Retail Therapy"
  • Robbie Rosen - "Unsober"
  • Stereo RV - "Empty Pages"


  • Whitney Lusk - "Heaven's Got a Good One" (Category Winner)
  • The Brothers Landau - "Haven't Got a Name"
  • Andy Sydow - "Alibi"
  • Lucy LeBlanc - "Afraid of the Dark"
  • Caitlin Cannon - "Deliver"


  • Joel Ansett - "Ease" (Category Winner)

Congratulations to our winners! All winning songs in Pop & Country categories have been forwarded to music industry pros, and the category winners receive free admission and showcase at a Durango Songwriters Expo event; the film/tv winner will receive free admission to a Durango Film/TV event.

Thanks again to all who participated, and we are looking forward to connecting with you all at a Durango event soon.