Song Title: Kathy's Room Mate


Kathy’s Room Mate
Verse 1
When Kathy asked me to live with her, I misunderstood
I assumed we’d share a bed, as well as all our food
I figured we could work it out, she just needed time
But all she wanted was a roommate, how could I be so blind?

Now I hear the head board banging each night against the wall
I hear it in my bedroom, I hear it down the hall
She does dudes until they’re bruised that she meets at the mall
But I’m just Kathy’s roommate, she won’t do me at all

Verse 2
I was attracted to Kathy since the time we met
So when she said that she had some needs that weren’t being met
I guess I read a little bit too much between the lines
She just needed help with rent, I should have read the signs

Repeat Chorus

She’ll do taco venders and old men with suspenders
And Dudes with face tattoos in their trucks
Drummers get her number, her sweet love she surrenders
But not to me, living with her sucks

Verse 3
At night I hear them talking as they get their second wind
Then the banging and moaning starts kicking in again.
She won’t be my lover, she just wants to be friends
While the line to the her bedroom seems to never end