Song Title: Guilt Trip


Guilt Trip

Topline/Vocals: Hannah Rutti
Production: Ryan Adams

Verse 1:
In the rain, forget the pain
Knowin’ that you damn well felt it
I’m not to blame, Won’t play your game

Lock me down throw away the key
‘cause you think you’re my jailer
But the only thing is I used to like that ‘bout you

Give me just one reason that I shouldn’t turn my back on you,
You know your old promises, aren’t worth a thing

I used to hear your voice like music
But now I’ll take the silence when it comes through your lips
Give me nothin’, it’s for the best
cause when you see me you look away
are you ashamed?

You just want to take me on a ride
Drive me round to see if I’ll survive
Cut me down
To my knees
To make sure I’m below you
No I won’t take a ride on your guilt trip

Verse 2:
Whats the time, wish you’d find
Someone to be truthful with you

You loved the feeling,
when I talked sweet just like I used to

In your mind, you are the one that got the rocky ending
It’s funny how the facts can be so different from your end