Song Title: Ain't No Way


Ain’t No Way © 2020 Bill Needell

Ash is in the air
The sky has turned to gray
Smoke is rising everywhere

Ain’t no way…

There’s flames in the trees
And we just turned around
It’s too late to be on our knees

Ain’t no way…we can stay and stay alive
With fire in every quadrant of our eyes
All we can do to survive
Is leave everything behind.

And when we return to our home
After the forest has burned away
There’s only a chimney standing
Where our children used to play

Ain’t no way….

We’re OK now
We rebuilt our home
But when the desert wind blows

Ain’t no way… we’re ever the same
The memory is burned into our brains
When all we could do to survive
Is leave everything behind.