POP SONG SUBMISSION: 3250 Santolina Dr

Song Title: Moving On


Moving On

Verse 1

On the corner of a cobblestone street
We are playing our songs on repeat
And I pray someone with cash is tuning in
Today the fight we had turned our faces red
Then you hit me and my lip bled
I used feel all for one, for all in Omaha


It's time for me
To be moving on
On the next plane out of Omaha
I'll be gone

Verse 2

I bought a ticket to Memphis the next day
I told you I was flying home I need a break
From the stress of this band life, living in a hellish basement
So I quickly packed my bags and bass guitar
And I jumped into a yellow taxi car
As it sped away I felt relief, I was leaving this place


How do I let you know
That I'm not coming back
No I'm not leaving you a note
I'm just gonna get my bags