Film/ TV Song Submission: The Brothers Landau

Song Title: Monday


I called up my friend again
to see if they'd time to spend
texted me back and said
“Hope I can see you next year”

I come home each night to give
a few hours through the sieve
the few minutes I can live
the way I intend

being myself ain’t for free
taking each breath costs a fee
why’s it so hard just to see
just how to make it right

It came to me in a dream
and I forgot easily
something I had to see
and show you
but oh that’s my time

the words that you said to me
perhaps weren't meant to mean
the things that I chose to see
was it love
or something else in your eyes

and here again I find
a wolf at the door
in a suit and a tie
staring me down
with a bill in its hand
whenever I close my eyes

I got out of bed again
to feed the great algorithm
to make myself have a sense
that I am doing something good with my life

and hope at the end of day
you’ll hear what I have to play
why’s it so hard
to give yourself away