Film/ TV Song Submission: Talia Segal

Song Title: Better


Wine drinking time taking,
Clock ticking I’m fading but I can’t sleep,
Stop thinking heart breaking,
Mind tricking tears raining down my cheeks,
Moving on since you’ve been gone ain’t easy.

Wide awake at 3AM
I’m staring in the mirror saying to myself
I am better.
Love doesn’t have to hurt so hard
I’m hoping with all I’ve got
I’ll be better.

I am bulletproof, paper-thin,
Pitch dark and halogen,
Blizzard or burning flame
Why do I still want to kiss you? I don’t even miss you
I’m craving your touch and cursing your name
moving on since you’ve been gone ain’t easy,


Step by step and day by day
and breath by breath my edges fray
Oh it’s not worth the price I pay