Film/ TV Song Submission: Talia Segal

Song Title: Barely Alive


I crossed the wires in your machine
and we burned hot as gasoline
and nothing will ever be the same
I carved you from a piece of me
my tattered heart pinned to your sleeve
and I’ve got nobody else to blame

I love you I hate you I know you I made you
I thought you would always be mine
the surface was perfect so how did we end up
in pieces and barely alive?

I’m cleaning up your mess again
but it’s my fault I let you in
I thought it was under control
the shattered glass the battered walls
I can’t make sense of it at all
how did our hearts get so cold?


I tried so hard to walk away
but I can’t stop turning around
and I tried so hard to stand up straight
but I can’t get up off the ground