Film/ TV Song Submission: KINBAER feat. Rosaleigh Rose

Song Title: There Is No L In Woof


I don’t need proper English charm
or an education
forget your intellect
Take my hand and come with me to
a savage destination
I don’t need no respect
I’ll be a flower in your jaws
on your backward journey
a flounder on your hook
I want you at your very worst
primal intuition
I want me to be shook

In my mind a storm’s coming on
say goodbye to your halcyon
chivalry’s been dead to me lately
there’s no difference ‘tween right and wrong
there’s no DJ to play our song
I don’t need a man to act saintly
and when I close my eyes and breathe in take a listen baby
there is no L in woof


I want your superhuman form
show me all of your powers
fighting fire with fire
beneath your clothes, behind your smile
in your ivory tower
paranormal desire
I see you howling at the moon
hunger in the horror
vampire on my roof
for every movie there’s an end
get it started baby
paw the ground with your hoof

It’s a basic premise ‘tween me and you
show me what you’re gon-gonna do
I can handle teeth, talons, and fur
you don’t need a darn thing to say
I’m not gonna hide, hide away
you can come and make me hum and purr
and from the corners of my bedroom
you can be the monster



Snarl (growl) roar (howl)
forget the rational
you are an animal
creep (crawl) free (fall)
drag me straight down to hell
you don’t know how to spell
drag me straight down to hell
you don’t know how to spell

I can handle it now
I just want to be feeling
You don’t need to worry
I won’t be broken or hurt
Stop with the chit chat
Take me or leave me
I can handle it now

There is no “L” in woof