Film/ TV Song Submission: Kendall Renee

Song Title: Better is Coming


Better is Coming - Kendall Renee, Richard Harris & Warren Sellers

Why You’re shaking your head at the sky, these trying times.
They look, they look pretty big from your eyes but not mine.

Pre- Ch:
I am your future, I’ve been in your past. I know this is something, I know it won’t last. Don’t fight the storm let it carry you closer to me,
& Breathe.

With every mile that you haven’t seen yet. You’re never alone, just follow my steps. Cus I fought the fight yeah, & you did not lose & I know the race that you’re running, & better is coming.

Wait, you think you’ve had all you can take but don’t look away. It’s part, it’s just part of the story these pages hold more than today.

(Pre-Chorus) (Same)


Don’t you get lost in the places you fell. Someday those scars will heal somebody else.

(Drop Chorus)