Film/ TV Song Submission: Hannah Richardson

Song Title: Call It Love


Verse 1
We wore our coats that winter’s night
Snow on our lips, but your frosted fingertips
Painted me a starry sky
I’d been feeling gloomy, I’d been feeling looney
But then you turned it around
And suddenly I knew, hit me right out of the blue
You have my heart right now

I don’t wanna call it love 'cause I ain’t got a definition, no
I don’t wanna call it love 'cause I don’t feel like confessin', oh
I wanna be with you, all of the time
Wanna feel your hand held right in mine, oh
I don’t wanna call it love, but I wanna ask that question, oh
I don’t wanna call it love, but I’m bad at this suppressing, oh

Verse 2
It’s kind of funny I can’t recall what we talked about
I was probably fried, I was preoccupied with the day in and day out
It wasn’t like the songs, we’ve always got along.
But bang now everything’s changed
Yeah, for no reason at all, it’s really like fallin'
And prayin' you feel the same

Repeat Chorus

I think it’s love I hate to say
Cause love’s got strings
But love’s got wings too
I think I may love you, love you, love you

Repeat Chorus