Film/ TV Song Submission: Ethan Tarasov (writer) Vocals: Anson Jones

Song Title: When I'm With You



I feel that high when I’m with you
I’m flying when I’m with you.....

Used to ride and ride,
Tryne to free myself
If I could ride far enough
Thought I might say farewell
To the emptiness I felt
Before you poured into my life
Bleak visions in my mind
You drove them out of sight

I feel that high
When I’m with you
I’m flying
When I’m with you

Nights you’re working late
Can’t sleep lie awake
For a second I recall
Visions ending it all
Then I hear you in the driveway
See your headlights through the blinds
I race to the door,
My heart’s leaping for the sky


Ride after ride
Couldn’t escape
Night after night
Dark highways
Endless drives
Still had that sadness inside

Till you pulled me off those roads
With your laughter and your bliss
I felt exhilarated
Like a little kid
Jumped off the high dive
At the local swimming pool
Closed my eyes leaped for the sky
When I’m with you, I feel that high

Chorus outro/fade:
I feel that high when I'm with you
I'm flying when I'm with you