Film/ TV Song Submission: Elroy Jetsetter

Song Title: Fly Into Your Life


Gotta get you out this zone lil baby
Teach you how to roll lil baby
Louie spree overseas
Drip to kill it’s on me

Fly into your life
Racks gon multiply
I lay ice on your wrist
Let em drown in your drip
Fly into your life
Soar right past the price
You get Fendi, Louie, and Prada
Cause you my number 1 stunna
Fly into your life

(V 1)
Get you on a jet outta your town
Paris or Italy how that sound now?
Lay you down on Versace sheets
Show you why you meant for this king
From light drizzle to full flood
Have your bank trippin like where you gettin funds?
Watch me pull up in a foreign
Cruise the phantom if you want, want, want it

Whatever you crave I put you on
Keepin your racks multiplyin
Floss all over the 7 seas
Throw it in the bag it’s whatever you please


I can’t front shawty
Low key you got me poppin too
We can double our drip
With you on my team we can’t lose