Film/ TV Song Submission: Ellee Duke

Song Title: Serial Killer


You must be crazy baby if you’re still expecting me
To praise you like a God when you’re always upsetting me
Ya all my psycho ex’s
Were never this possessive
Boy you really take the cake

It happens all the time I’m crying and you start to laugh
You pull your phone out and say smile for the photograph
I think you get off on it
All of the pain you’re causing
You always find something to break

Maybe you’re a narcissist
Maybe there’s a darker twist
Maybe we just want different things
And it’s not as dramatic as it seems
But I.... I don’t know sometimes I wonder if it’s something more than that

I think you might be a serial killer oooh
I think you might eat pretty hearts for dinner oooh
No I don’t have any proof
It’s just the look in your eyes
I get a little scared to fall asleep at night
I think you might be a serial killer

Verse 2
You got me worried bout the things you say in your sleep at night
And when you’re checking your reflection in the kitchen knife
You love to play with fire
The perfect kinda liar
You lose your temper like a child



There’s something wrong with you
I don’t know what to do
I think it’s time
To say goodbye
Cuz I really don’t wanna die