Song Title: Superman


V1 -
I’ve never been afraid to live
but I’ve sure felt dead inside
I’m stuck here on this planet
and only God knows why
Well I’ve been though ‘bout everything
yet somehow I’ve survived
Don’t know now what’s next for me
but I guess “That’s Life”

Pre -
So I’ll sit at this bar
and watch the world go by
May I buy you a drink
and share just a little time?

Some tales are tragic
and filled with grief
Brutally honest cause this life is but a thief
situations get out of hand
lose control and crash land
What don’t kill you makes you stronger... well then
I guess you’re talking to Superman.

V2 -
I’ve never meant to cause no harm
I did the best at when I tried
But I’m stuck here all alone
and only God knows why
I’ve been hit by everything
but I always found the might
To get back up for another round
and give one more try

Pre -

Bridge - The harder you love, the farther you’ll fall, but it’s sure worth all...

Final CH:
Cause not all tales are tragic
or filled with grief
take a look around we have all that we need
situations we don’t understand
all make sense in a rear view glance
what don't kill you makes you stronger... well then
I guess the world needs Superman...
And we can all be Superman...
Cause the world needs Superman