Song Title: Changed Me


Changed Me (Karen Kiley, Marti Jane Dodson, Bill O’Hanlon)

Abbey Road on my daddy’s vinyl 33
That Fender Stratocaster underneath the Christmas tree
I played Here Comes The Sun ‘til it made my fingers bleed
And it changed me

That dirty matted ball of fur that followed me home
Ask momma if I could keep him, she said she didn’t know
Eleven years went by before I had to let him go
And it changed me

Some things you never get over
Some strings are always gonna pull your heart
Some days’ll take you right under
Some love will come along and leave a mark
Maybe it’s for the better maybe it’s for the worse
I thought it was forever, but it just didn’t work
Either way, baby, you’re always gonna be
One of those things that changed me

I was closing out my tab and I was getting ready to leave
When I first saw you there and girl I swear my heart skipped a beat
Looked in your eyes thought I ain’t ever seen a blue so deep
And it changed me

That next year was the happiest I’ve ever been
And I’d do it over baby even knowing how it ends
Tears on both our faces saying we'd still be friends
It changed me

Chorus repeat

I thought it was forever, but it just didn’t work

Chorus repeat