Song Title: wow


wow—larry jay

v1-the way that my girl looks at me
when all the lights are low
tells me that we’re going
to the land of rock and roll

I like how we get there
by staying in my room
sometimes we don’t get to sleep
till the sun shuts down the moon

I got a lover that drives me crazy
with every little kiss - she kills me saves me
I never knew love was so good---but I do now

from my head down to my toes
I feel a fire grow and grow
when she takes me away, late at nite- my girl knows how
to take me to a place, that makes my heart go wow


v2-i wasn’t sure there was a heaven
now I know that it exists
it’s right there-- in the middle
of her late night kiss
br--if I never-- get to paris
never see some italy
I still go around the world
when she’s leanin in on me
ch3 with breakdown
ch3-tag(yeah she knows how-to take me to a place that makes my heart go wow)