Song Title: Your Song


"Your Song" - Kendall Renee

Listen close cus' I'm gonna learn you somethin' sweet. A little wisdom for the road, know what I mean? A lesson I learned not in the words that you'd speak, but the way you lived said everything to me.
It's a tale of hardworking hands & unpaved streets. Building foundations though your own was crumbling. Takin' yourself straight from the bottom to the top & earning every penny that you got.

Don't know if they have country songs in heavens gates, but I've got no doubts that's where your hangin' out today. I'm so glad you ended up where you belong & just so you know, this is your song.

You showed that it ain't in how many times you fall, but it's learnin' how to crawl.
& it didn't matter if you had a horse to get back on but you road on, you road on. Well you road on, you road on.


I wish that I could say this song took your ol' breath away, but it was the radiation & the pain. Cancer took down your ol' flesh & bone, but nothin' in this world could touch that soul. No nothin' could ever touch that soul.


But just so you know this is your song & it's a song I wrote for a good Grandpa.