Song Title: East Barcelona


Verse 1
I met a man in East Barcelona
He told me that I was his missing link
I told him that I didn’t believe him
He insisted he take me out for drinks
So we roamed the streets of East Barcelona and we came upon a walkway to the sea
I made a wish and then he whispered to me
It’s impossible not to be free

Chorus 1
So let’s fly away and make our escape cause
there’s no good reason to be stuck inside your cage

Verse 2
So we ran away from East Barcelona
In a pickup truck filled with tangerines
He took me to a bar in Santa Monica
We listened to a man with a tambourine
And we danced on table tops in Santa Monica
We danced until we put holes in our socks
We wandered out the bar into the street light
He got down on one knee pulled out a box…

Chorus 2
He said “Marry me oh I’ll never leave you, its
for better or worse until we die”

Verse 3
We made our way back to Barcelona
With a white dress and a bouquet of daises
I walked along a cobblestone aisle
And I whispered to the priest thats next to me

Chorus 3:
“He’s marrying me oh I can’t believe it”
He turned from me and said “Sir won’t you kiss the bride”

Chorus 4:
So lets fly away and make our escape cause
Theres no good reason to be stuck inside that cage, cage