Song Title: Tractor Guy


Tractor Guy

Verse: I heard Toby Keith is a Ford truck man
Brad Paisley drives a chevy
It's a Lincoln for McConaughey
There’s a lot of stars with hotter cars
And then there’s me

Chorus: I’m a tractor guy
An old John Deere is my kind of ride
I got nothing against you other gents
With your polished chrome custom wheels
And and a pretty girl by your side
But I'm a tractor guy

Verse: Well I started young on the family farm
Hauling hay with my big brothers
They propped me up behind the wheel
And said no brakes just keep it straight
Get ‘er down the field

Chorus: Repeat

Bridge: The work I love took me off the farm
But like the seasons I come back
I crank her up and putt putt around
Thats the only way I’ve found I can really relax  

Chorus: Repeat

Chorus: Inst solo

I got my own pretty girl of course.
She really likes her horse. But….

Chorus: Repeat

©️ 2020 Carl Ellison