3:00-7:30PM // Sign in, event registration
5:00-7:15PM // Dinner (on your own)
6:45-7:15PM // Orientation (Ballroom)
7:30PM // SONGWRITER SHOWCASE #1 (Ballroom)
9:30PM // Open Mic (Ballroom)



9:00-11:05AM // SONG LISTENING

Country/Pop—Bobby Rymer, Warren Sellers

Country/Pop—Eric Hurt, Jen Hurd

Pop/Rock/Sync—Peter Lloyd, Katie Poole

Pop/Rock/Sync—Max Espinosa, Toddrick Spalding

Pop/Rock/Sync—Emmy Feldman, Alec Stern

Pop/Rock/Sync—Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Brian Naguit, Jon Ernst

Pop/Rock/Sync—Kendall Lettow, Rosie Howe

Pop/Rock/Sync—Sam Carlin, Tommy Jackson




1.   “Durango Allstars”

Stories and tunes from of Durango’s best

2.    “One on One"

Three 15-minute listening sessions with Max Espinosa, three 15-minute listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani, three 15-minute listening sessions with Olaf Thomsen. Limited to 9 attendees, $40 per slot, each attendee limited to one session


12:30-1:25pm // Lunch (on your own)






Country/Pop—Christina Wiltshire, Alex Tamashunas

Country/Pop—Sarah Schumacher, Steve Bloch

Pop/Rock/Sync—Noreen Prunier, Rachel Thorpe

Pop/Rock/Sync—Bradly Palmer, Alex Fulton

Pop/Rock/Sync—Sam Carlin, Adele Ho

Pop/Rock/Sync—Gabi Kochlani, Jonathan Lane

Pop/Rock/Sync—Mike Torres, Attique Iqbal, Richard Harris

Pop/Rock/Sync—Olaf Thomsen, Samantha Hilscher


5:20-7:15pm // DINNER (ON YOUR OWN)
7:30PM // SONGWRITER SHOWCASE #2 (Ballroom)
9:30PM // Open Mic




1.    “FILM AND TV”

Adele Ho, Rosie Howe, Alec Stern, Katie Poole, Rachel Thorpe, Toddrick Spalding, Jonathan Lane, Dylan Bostick, Brian Naguit

2.    “One on One”

Three 15-minute listening sessions with Max Espinosa, three 15-minute listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani, three 15-minute listening sessions with Olaf Thomsen. Limited to 9 attendees, $40 per slot, each attendee limited to one session.


11:30am-12:30PM // Lunch (on your own)


12:30-2:35PM // SONG LISTENING

Country/Pop—Butch Baker

Country/Pop—Alex Tamashunas, Warren Sellers

Pop/Rock/Sync—Eric Hurt, Katie Poole

Pop/Rock/Sync—Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Toddrick Spalding

Pop/Rock/Sync—Christina Wiltshire, Alex Fulton

Pop/Rock/Sync—Mike Torres, Rachel Thorpe

Pop/Rock/Sync—Olaf Thomsen, Adele Ho

Pop/Rock/Sync—Max Espinosa, Samantha Hilscher




Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Alex Tamashunas, Butch Baker, Bobby Rymer, Christina Wiltshire, Peter Lloyd, Bradly Palmer, Kendall Lettow, Sarah Schumacher, Jen Hurd

2.    “DIY”

Drea Jo, Wil Putt, Steve Garvan, TBA



Country/Pop—Kendall Lettow

Country/AAA/Folk—Jen Hurd, Steve Garvan

Pop/Rock/Sync—Emmy Feldman, Brian Naguit, Jon Ernst

Pop/Rock/Sync—Noreen Prunier, Attique Iqbal

Pop/Rock/Sync—Gabi Kochlani, Alec Stern

Pop/Rock/Sync—Bradly Palmer, Tommy Jackson, Rosie Howe

Pop/Rock/Sync—Peter Lloyd, Jonathan Lane

Pop/Rock/Sync—Eric Daigle, Jaden LaRue, Rinat Arinos


6:00-7:30PM // Dinner (on your own)

Big Al Anderson, TBA

Ventura 2022 - Special Guests

Al Anderson, Nashville: Formerly part of legendary group NRBQ and mega-hit songwriter with #1 hits "The Cowboy in Me", "Trip Around the Sun", "Unbelievable", and "Love's Gonna Make it Alright"

Butch Baker, Nashville: Co-Founder, Hori Global Music Publishing

Steve Bloch, Nashville:  Consultant/Demolition Music, LLC Indie A&R

Dylan Bostick, LA:  Producer/Music Supervisor at Heavy Duty Projects

Max Espinosa, LA: Director of A&R and Publishing Operations, One Hit Away Music

Emmy Feldman, LA:  Head of A&R, Heavy Duty Music Publishing

Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, LA: A&R Manager, Disney Music Publishing

Steve Garvan, Sand Point ID: Owner of Garvan Management and Consulting

Richard Harris, LA: Noted expo alum, producer, hit writer, and staff writer at peermusic

Adele Ho, LA: Independent Music Supervisor

Rosie Howe, LA:  Music Coordinator, Netflix

Jen Hurd, Nashville:  Director, A&R, Concord Music Publishing

Attique Iqbal, LA:  Music Coordinator, NFL Network

Tommy Jackson, Santa Rosa Beach, FL: CEO of First Note Entertainment

Gabi Kochlani, LA:  Senior A&R Director, Universal Music Group

Jonathan Lane, LA: Director of Sync & Licensing, 5 Alarm Music; Music Supervisor, Clearly Music Services

Kendall Lettow, Nashville:  Creative Manager, Peer Music Publishing

Peter Lloyd, LA:  Creative Director A&R, Hollywood Records/Disney Music Publishing

Brian Naguit, LA:  VP, Music Creative, CBS Studios

Bradly Palmer, LA:  A&R Manager, Concord Music Publishing

Katie Poole, LA:  Manager, Creative Music Strategy, ViacomCBS

Noreen Prunier, LA:  Head of A&R, ATG Group

Wil Putt, Nashville:  President, DEAD SET Management

Andrew Rudd, Nashville: Producer and Songwriter, First Note Entertainment

Bobby Rymer, Nashville: VP of Music Publishing at Writer's Den Music Group

Sarah Schumacher, Nashville:  Creative Director Country Publishing, Curb-Word Entertainment

Warren Sellers, Orange County CA: Noted expo alum and staff writer

Toddrick Spalding, LA:  VP Music, Mob Scene

Alec Stern, Chicago:  Director of Music, DDB

Alex Tamashunas, Nashville:  Creative Manager, Creative Nation Music Publishing

Olaf Thomsen, LA: A&R and licensing at O Major Songs

Rachel Thorpe, LA:  Coordinator, Creative Music Strategy ViacomCBS

Mike Torres, LA:  A&R Manager, Position Music

Christina Wiltshire, Nashville:  A&R Director, Warner Chappell Music Publishing

Drea Jo, Ventura:  Freelance and Features writer for Music Connection

Sam Carlin, NY: US Head of Publishing at Beggars Music, Music Supervisor for "Catfish"

Samantha Hilscher, LA: Manager, Creative Music Series Netflix

Rinat Arinos, LA: Founder, Pink Shark Music

Jaden LaRue, LA: Founder, Silverlake Sessions & Silverlake Sync

Eric Daigle, LA: Co-Head of Creative, Purplebeat Music