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Ventura 2024 - SCHEDULE


3:00PM - 7:30PM   Registration/Sign-in

5:00PM - 7:15PM - Dinner/Happy Hour

6:30PM - Open Mic Sign-up - Ballroom

6:45PM - 7:30PM - Orientation - Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

7:30PM - Songwriter Showcase #1 - Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

9:30PM - Open Mic - Top Of The Harbor Ballroom





Country/Folk/Americana - Nick Autry, Steve Garvan
Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Butch Baker, Warren Sellers, Richard Harris
Pop/Rock/Sync - Christina Wiltshire, David Fisher
Pop/Rock/Sync - Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Asha Dillion
Pop/Rock/Sync - Jessica Thomas, Ashley Neumeister
Pop/Rock/Sync - Julia Keefe, Madison Rowe
Pop/Rock/Sync - Olaf Thomsen, Adele Ho


Durango Allstars
Stories and tunes from Durango's finest - Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

One On One Sessions

15 minute one-on-one listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani, Olaf Thomsen, Maura Duval Griffin and Arielle Tindel

12:30PM - 1:30PM // LUNCH (on your own)


"Why That Song" with Mason Cooper & Jim Thacker

Top Of The Harbor Ballroom


Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Ash Wolk, Mason Cooper, Mike Fiorentino
Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Eric Hurt, Cliff Downs, Jolene Rose
Pop/Rock/Sync - Noreen Prunier, Tracielynn Jones, Arielle Tindel
Pop/Rock/Sync - Gabi Kochlani, Rashard Richardson, Kristen McFarren
Pop/Rock/Sync - Karyn Bengal, Lily Shallow, Adam Zelkind
Pop/Rock/Sync - Ralph Torrefranca, Anna Romanoff
Pop/Rock/Sync - Adam Epstein, Jennie Armon, Peter Suk

5:20PM - 7:15PM  DINNER/HAPPY HOUR (on your own)

7:00PM  OPEN MIC SIGN-UP Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

7:15PM  SONGWRITER SHOWCASE # 2  Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

9:45PM  OPEN MIC  Top Of The Harbor Ballroom





“C’sing the Day”

Scott Krippayne, Bryan Reynolds, Ian McCartor, & Patricia Bahia talk about the collision of commerce, craft, and connection in cultivating a creative career


"Music For Sync"

Kristen McFarren, Jennie Armon, David Fisher, Asha Dillion, Ashley Neumeister, Madison Rowe, Anna Romanoff, Lily Shallow, Adele Ho, Tracielynn Jones, Mark Garfield, Richard Harris - moderated by Nitanee Paris
Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

One On One Sessions
Individual 15 minute listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani, Olaf Thomsen, Arielle Tindel

11:30AM - 12:30PM // LUNCH (on your own)

12:30PM - 2:35PM // SONG LISTENING

Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Mike Fiorentino, Adam Epstein, Mark Garfield
Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Julia Keefe, Jim Thacker, Warren Sellers
Pop/Rock/Sync - Karyn Bengal, Tracielynn Jones
Pop/Rock/Sync - Gabi Kochlani, Jennie Armon
Pop/Rock/Sync - Noreen Prunier, Anna Romanoff
Pop/Rock/Sync - Ralph Torrenfranca, Ashley Neumeister
Pop/Rock/Sync - Richard Harris, Lily Shallow



Cliff Downs, Christina Wiltshire, Butch Baker, Jessica Thomas, Julia Keefe, Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Adam Epstein, Butch Baker, Karyn Bengal

Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

2. DIY

Steve Garvan, Ash Wolk, Alex Bostelman, Neil Diercks, Elaine Ryan, Ralph Torrefranca


Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana - Christina Wiltshire, Butch Baker
Pop/Rock/Sync & Country/Folk/Americana -  Ash Wolk, Nick Autry, Kristen McFarren
Pop/Rock/Sync - Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, Adele Ho
Pop/Rock/Sync - Jessica Thomas, David Fisher, Arielle Tindel
Pop/Rock/Sync - Olaf Thomsen, Asha Dillion, Patrick Hughes
Pop/Rock/Sync - Eric Hurt, Jaden Larue
Pop/Rock/Sync - Cliff Downs, Madison Rowe, Rashard Richardson

6:00PM - 7:15PM // DINNER/HAPPY HOUR (on your own)

7:30PM  // CONCERT - Top Of The Harbor Ballroom

Featuring Alissa Moreno, Anthony Smith, Chuck Cannon

Ventura 2024 - Special Guests

Jennie Armon, Denver:  Music Supervisor, Executive Producer, Squeak E Clean

Nick Autry, Nashville:  General Manager, songwriter, Black River Entertainment Sound Stage Studios

Butch Baker, Nashville:  Co-founder, Hori Global Music Publishing

Karyn Bengal, LA:  Manager A&R, Disney Music, Hollywood Records

Alex Bostelman, LA: Associate Director Creative, BMI

Chuck Cannon, Nashville:  Acclaimed artist/songwriter with huge hits for Toby Keith ("How Do You Like Me Now", "American Soldier"), and "I Love The Way You Love Me" for John Michael Montgomery.

Mason Cooper, Ojai:  Music Supervisor, Songrunner Entertainment

Neil Diercks, LA:  Berklee School of Music songwriting professor, formerly with Warner Chappell, Nashville

Asha Dillion, Toronto:  Partner/SVP Music Creative and Production, The Wilders

Cliff Downs, Nashville: A&R and Publishing, MCD Music Publishing

Maura Duval Griffin, L.A.: Music Supervisor & Sync Licensing, Eternal Music Group

Adam Epstein, Nashville: Head of A&R, Demolition Music, Nashville

Mike Fiorentino, Nashville: Director of A&R/Production Spirit Music

David Fisher, San Francisco:  Chief Creative Director, Songs For Film & TV

Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, LA:  A&R Manager, Disney Music, Hollywood Records

Mark Garfield, London:  Founder & Co Director, publishing and synch

Steve Garvan, Sand Point, ID:  Owner Garvan Management and Consulting

Richard Harris, LA:  Demolition Music, producer, writer, Expo alum

Adele Ho, LA:  Music Supervisor, Little Spark Music

Patrick Hughes, LA:  Director of Sync, Koze Music Publishing

Eric Hurt, Nashville:  VP A&R/Publishing, EMPIRE

Tracielynn Jones, LA:  Director Creative Music Strategy, Paramount

Gabi Kochlani, LA:  A&R Executive, Publisher, Founder The Grey Administration

Julia Keefe, Nashville:  Head Of A&R, Edgehill Music Publishing

Jaden Larue, Inverness: Director of Music, Silverlake Sync

Kristen McFarren, LA: Associate Manager, Creative Music at Fox Entertainment

Alissa Moreno, Nashville:  Expo alum and hit songwriter, "Every Day"

Ashley Neumeister, LA:  Head of Music Supervision, Music Licensing at True Music

Nitanee Paris, LA: Partner/Director of A&R, Artist Max

Noreen Prunier, LA: Head of A&R, ATG Group

Rashard Richardson, LA:  Music Supervisor Madden Flow Entertainment

Anna Romanoff, LA:  Music Supervisor Yay Team

Jolene Rose, Somewhere:  Artist & Creative Director, Silverlake Sync

Madison Rowe, Hartford:  Music Supervisor and Producer, McCann New York

Elaine Ryan, Bay Area:  Founder, Unicorn Sync

Warren Sellers, Irvine:  Noted Expo alum and staff writer

Lily Shallow, Chicago:  Music Supervisor with Comma Music

Anthony Smith, Nashville: Multi-award winning artist/songwriter with huge hits "Run", Cowboys Like Us", "I'm Tryin", and "Chrome"

Peter Suk, LA:  Head of Music Licensing, Koze Music Publishing

Jessica Thomas, LA:  Director A&R/Mgmt/Publishing, Silo Music

Jim Thacker, Nashville:  Owner/Music Producer, Kazen Music Group

Olaf Thomsen, Nashville: A&R and Licensing, O Major Songs

Arielle Tindel, LA:  A&R, Maison Arts

Ralph Torrenfranca, LA: Sr. Director of A&R, Angry Mob Music

Christina Wiltshire, Nashville: Senior Director A&R, Warner Chappell Music

Ash Wolk, Nashville:  Artist Manager, Range Media Partners

Adam Zelkind, LA/Santa Barbara:  8-time-award-winning songwriter & producer with thousands of sync placements