Broomfield 2023 - SCHEDULE

THURSDAY, September 28

3:00 PM – 7:30 PM – Registration / Sign-In - Sessions & Showcases posted by the Interlocken Foyer entrance.

5:00 PM  – 7:15 PM – Dinner / Happy Hour - Restaurant and Bar (Durango Specials in Tap Room)

6:30 PM – Open Mic Sign-up - Registration Area

6:45 PM – 7:30 PM - Orientation - Interlocken Ballroom A

7:30 PM – Songwriter Showcase #1 - Interlocken Ballroom A

9:30PM – Open Mic - Interlocken Ballroom A



9:00-11:00AM // SONG LISTENING


Country/Folk/Americana:  Bobby Rymer, Steve Garvan  - Pine Room 

Country/Folk/American:  Shelby Yoder, Warren Sellers  - Spruce Room 

Pop/Rock/Sync:  Max Espinosa, Tracielyn Jones - Birch Room

Pop/Rock/Sync:  Gabi Kochlani, David Fisher - Alder Room

Pop/Rock/Sync:  Max Hirsh, Asha Dillion - Fir Room 

Pop/Rock/Sync:  Sarah Feldman, Jarred Causly - Cedar Room 

Pop/Rock/Sync:  Adam Epstein, Ryan Kofman - Interlocken Ballroom C




Durango All-Stars

Stories and tunes from Durango’s finest - Interlocken Ballroom A

Music Business 101 

A Beginner’s Guide” with Max Espinosa- Spruce Room

“One on One" 

15-minute listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani (Pine Room), Olaf Thomsen (Birch Room), Max Hirsh (Fir Room), Arielle Tindel + Hannah Lessnick (Cedar Room)


12:30-1:25pm // Lunch (on your own)




Songwriting For Synch -

Nitanee Paris, Patricia Bahia, Scott Krippayne, Jay Ward, Adam Zelkind, Peter Suk - Interlocken Ballroom A  



Country/Folk/American: Nick Autry, Adam Zelkind - Pine Room
Country/Folk/Americana: Peter Buck, Neil Diercks, Lisa Johnson - Spruce Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Hannah Lessnick, Jennie Armon - Birch Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Olaf Thomsen, Adam Brodsky - Alder Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Arielle Tindel,, Adele Ho, Patrick Hughes - Fir Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Eric Hurt, Livy Rodriguez-Behar, - Cedar Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Cliff Downs, Bonny Dolan - Interlocken Ballroom C
Pop/Rock/Sync: Caroline Carlson, Dan Ford - Interlocken Ballroom D


5:15 PM - 7:15 PM – Dinner / Happy Hour - Restaurant and Bar (Durango Specials in Tap Room)  


7:00PM – Open Mic Sign-up - Registration Area


7:15 PM – Songwriter Showcase #2 - Interlocken Ballroom A


9:45 PM - Open MicInterlocken Ballroom A    





“Vocal Coaching” with Traci DeLeon - Interlocken Ballroom A




“ Music For Sync”

Tracielyn Jones, Jennie Armon, Adele Ho, David Fisher,, Asha Dillion,  Jarred Causly, Ryan Kofman, Daniel Ford, Bonny Dolan, Adam Brodsky, Livy Rodriguez-Behar - Interlocken Ballroom A

“One on One”

15-minute listening sessions with Gabi Kochlani (Pine Room), Olaf Thomsen (Birch Room), Max Hirsh (Fir Room), Arielle Tindel + Hannah Lessnick (Cedar Room).


11:30am-12:30PM // Lunch (on your own)


12:30-2:30PM // SONG LISTENING

Country/Folk/Americana: Bobby Ryner, Sarah Feldman - Pine Room
Country/Folk/Americana: Doug Johnson, Lisa Johnson - Spruce Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Peter Buck, Jarred Causly - Birch Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Gabi Kochlani, Ryan Kofman - Alder Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Max Espinosa, Jennie Armon - Fir Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Arielle Tindel, Dan Ford - Cedar Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: “Pro” Weldon, Livy Rodriguez-Behar - Interlocken Ballroom C
Pop/Rock/Sync: Adam Epstein, Asha Dillion-Interlocken Ballroom D




Sarah Feldman, Adam Epstein,, Bobby Rymer, Lisa Johnson, Cliff Downs, Shelby Yoder, Caroline Carlson - Interlocken Ballroom A

2.    “DIY”

Steve Garvan, Neil Diercks, Chris Webb, Aaron English - Spruce Room



Country/Folk/Americana: Cliff Downs, Warren Sellers - Pine Room
Country/Folk/Americana: Eric Hurt, Nick Autry - Spruce Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Shelby Yoder, David Fisher - Birch Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Max Hirsh, Bonny Dolan - Alder Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Hannah Lessnick,, Adele Ho, Peter Suk - Fir Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Olaf Thomsen, Tracielyn Jones - Cedar Room
Pop/Rock/Sync: Caroline Carlson, Adam Brodsky - Interlocken Ballroom C


6:00-7:15PM // Dinner / Happy Hour - Restaurant and Bar (Durango Specials in Tap Room)
7:30PM // CONCERT - Interlocken Ballroom A

Featuring: Jill Sobule, Doug Johnson, Chris Gelbuda and Special Guests

Broomfield 2022 - Special Guests

Al Anderson, Santa Fe/Nashville: Formerly part of the legendary group, NRBQ and mega-hit songwriter with #1 hits “The Cowboy In Me”, “Unbelievable”, “Trip Around The Sun”, and “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright”.
Selena Arizanovic, LA: Music Supervisor, Fox Entertainment
Butch Baker, Nashville: Co-founder, Hori Global Music Publishing
Jarred Causly, LA: Music Supervisor, Trailer Park
Stephen Chesley, LA: Creative Music Strategy Paramount
Miles Cowan, LA: Director, TV Music, Lionsgate
Eric Daigle, LA: Co-head of Publishing, Major Bob/Purple Beat Music
Jessica Thomas, LA: A&R-Mgmt/Pblsh, Silo:Music
Neil Diercks, LA: Berklee School of Music Online, formerly at Warner Bros., Nashville
Bonny Dolan, Denver: Executive Producer, Comma Music
Cliff Downs, Nashville: Senior VP of Publishing and A&R, Given Entertainment
Adam Epstein, Nashville: Head of A&R, Demolition Music Publishing
Jon Ernst, LA: Head Music Supervisor and Owner of Showrunner Music
Max Espinosa, LA: Director of A&R and Publishing Operations, One Hit Away Music
Tricia Fontneau-Ramos, LA: A&R Manager, Disney Music Publishing
Alex Fulton, NY: Owner/Executive Producer, Fulton Street Music Group
Evelin Garcia, LA: Music Supervisor, The Walt Disney Studios
Steve Garvin, Sand Point, ID: Owner of Garvan Management and Consulting
Richard Harris, LA: Noted Expo alum, producer, hit writer and Film/TV Consultant, Demolition Music
Adéle Ho, LA: Music Supervisor, Little Spark Music
Jen Hubbard, Nashville: Director, A&R, Concord Music Publishing
Eric Hurt, Nashville: VP of A&R, EMPIRE-Nashville
Tommy Jackson, Santa Rosa Beach, FL: CEO of First Note Entertainment
Nick Keenan, Chicago: Music Supervisor/Producer, Untitled Collective
Gabi Kochlani, LA: A&R at Universal Music Group
Kendall Lettow, Nashville: Senior Creative Director, peermusic
Andrew Rudd, Nashville: Producer and Songwriter, First Note Entertainment
Bobby Rymer, Las Vegas/Nashville: VP Music Publishing, Writer’s Den Music Group
Warren Sellers, Irvine, CA: Noted Expo alum and staff writer
Ralph Torrefranca, LA: Senior Director of A&R, Angry Mob Music
Mike Torres, LA: A&R Manager, Position Music
Olaf Thomsen, LA: A&R and Licensing at O Major Songs