Song Title: Don't Want Your Man


I Don’t Want Your Man

I see you watchin me
From the corner of the room
Locked in tight
Always in sight, you’re
Clockin my every move
(I don’t want your man
If he comes to me
Ill send him back
I don’t want your man
Keep him away from me!)
I see him watching me
Every time you leave the room
Two drinks in hand
I know his plans
He rises to make his move
(I don’t want your man, if he comes to me, Ill send him back, I don’t want your man, I know his type and I don’t want that, I don’t want your man, keep that loser away from me! Keep that lowlife away from me, Keep that rascal away from me, keep that cheater away from me)
One day you’ll see the truth
That man’s no good for you
But until that time
You can rest your mind
I’ve got better things to do