Film/ TV Song Submission: Image & Jess Meilman

Song Title: Boogie Nights


I'm gon need a preacher man
I'm gon need a reverend
I'm gon need a 100 bands
I'm gon need a new liver man
I'm gon mess around again, I said I'm gon mess around
Im gon hope they understand
On my my two feet I stand
Pot holes on this damaged road
I hope I push the envelope
I hope I don't put my heart out again so it gets F**cking broke
I hope I don't love no more no no no no no no no
I've been away from you
I'll let you breathe now
I felt so safe with you
I'll let you be now
I, I caught your rebound
Imprison, Imprison
I'll let you be free now

Suns down, Moons out now
Slow dance with him, shut you out
Dreams of so much doubt
Tangled feelings come kiss me
Got a price to pay for the game that lovers play

We don't gotta
You don't gotta try to hide it
Know you wanna
I know you wanna hold me
Gettin kinda
Hard to breathe your arms around me
Feel it baby
Eyes wondering, Soul leaving

(2x) You've been awake for me please let me breathe now
I felt so safe with you
Please let me be now
It's done it's done
I wish you could see how much I miss you
But you'll have to let me leave now