Film/ TV Song Submission: Allen Foster

Song Title: Heart of Mine


Heart of Mine
Thought that I would find you under the western sky
Instead I found the ocean, so lonely I could cry
Never did I know which way to go
I knew where you went to, talked about it all the time
Chasing ghosts off the golden coast hoping you would find
Your dream of life, but it wasn’t the same as mine
Now i’m a prisoner, oh! Of choices in my life
And there’s no more adventures now
For this Heart of Mine
I couldn’t go any further so I turned around
I headed back East, back to my home town
“See I told you so” in the eyes of everyone I know
Knew that I was wrong the minute I left town
Instead of waving goodbye, well, I should of turned around
Wish i’ld turned around
This Heart of Mine
This Busted Heart of Mine, Poor old Heart of Mine

Length- 4:24
Music & Lyrics By Allen Higgins AKA Allen F Higgins Allen Foster Higgins
BMI, Horizontal Trees LLC