Song Title: Flip Of A Switch


Flip Of. A Switch
©...Daryl Scott, Jesse Slack, Lucy LeBlanc

I put it off as long as I can
Overtime hours, extra shifts
Staying out late with all my friends
Trying my best ...Trying to avoid it

You’ve been gone for awhile now
Getting over you is getting easy
But you must be hard wired in my memory
(Cuz) when I fall asleep

The minute I flip that switch
It’s out of my hands
Everything I’ve been fighting to forget
Comes creepin in like second hand smoke
And I get to craving you again
When I catch that scent
I can feel your lips
Your breath getting closer to my neck
I lose all control
Even though I know
exactly how this dream ends
You’ll be gone gone in the morning
Just like that
with a flip of a switch

I can wake up and I can go out
Even drive right by your house
I can drop by that corner cafe
Where we used to meet every Sunday

I can even smile when I hear your name
It’s not as hard as it used to be
This moving on thing’s easy for me
Till I’m wrapped in those sheets



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