Song Title: The Good Old Days


The Good Old Days

we wanna to go back to the past
we try to escape the now
we try to control what may come
But we just cant
time is a thief on the run
we got a stick he’s got a gun
every time we circle the sun
He gets a little farther ahead

Tomorrow’s bitterness
Are made of yesterday’s regrets
We take all our hands can get
But it’s never enough
We remember a simpler life
When the ladder was easier to climb
So we waste all our precious time
Running forward but looking back so...

Say what you need to say
Love strong ...give grace
Live in the moment before it fades
These are the good old days
Let mistakes stay gone
Break every grudge and choose to move on
Fully embrace and fall headlong
into these good old days

Talk on the phone
Don’t send a text
Give the ones you loves hug and kiss
It’ll never be better than this
The time is right now
Take a walk and hold someone’s hands
Dream and talk and make some plans
You can always start again
It’s never too late
No it’s never too late